The Overwhelm Effect

by Anastasiya Day on July 20, 2014

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The Overwhelm Effect

 By: Diane Cunningham

So here is the truth.  I am overwhelmed.  There is no way around it.  As a leader, a visionary, an entrepreneur, and a woman on a mission, my plate is full.  I have a lot going on just like you do.

Let’s take a look behind the curtain…..

I am launching, creating, emailing, posting, coaching and teaching.

Then I am revising, sharing, speaking, planning, and researching.

In between, I am blogging, hosting, commenting, tweeting, calling, and texting.

After that, I am writing, promoting, building, creating, and praying.

I am living my purpose.  I am on fire.  I have a team that helps me.  I have clients that I love.  I work hard. I work a lot.  I love what I do. I believe that I am right where God wants me for such a time as this!

And YES….some days I am completely on overwhelm.

If you are overwhelmed… ask for help.

If you are tired….take a break.

When you feel like you can’t comprehend one more thing, go sit on your back porch and listen to the birds.

When you are sick, take a sick day.

If you are HUNGRY, eat.

Remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Always remember that God is the boss of your business!

Understand that you are right where you need to be today.  Overwhelm is part of the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship.  Surrender to God and let Him show you the way.

Then take a deep breath and get back in the game!

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Diane CunninghamDiane Cunningham is the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a “business therapist”, plane crash survivor, author, consultant, speaker, marathon runner, and fun friend. Find out more about NACWE and why 165 women joined in the first year at

Connect with Diane at for fun updates, silly videos, and lively conversation.



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