Your 7-Day Action Plan For Attracting A New Client

by Anastasiya Day on August 24, 2014

Michelle Dale

Your 7-Day Action Plan For Attracting A New Client

By: Michelle Dale

During the first year to 2 years of business, and maybe even beyond, you may have to work actively in filling your online service business with new paying clients. After a period of time you can find that through consistent effort your client intake happens almost naturally from past efforts such as putting yourself out there in social media, blog posts, forums, groups etc… But what if you need those clients, and you don’t quite have the groundwork done yet? – In this week’s post I’ll provide you with a plan of action.

Attracting clients requires you to put yourself out there with confidence. Sitting behind the computer screen is all very well, but staring at it waiting for something to come from your website or the latest blog post you wrote, or that tweet you did simply won’t fly. We need a collective effort to attract those clients to you in a speedy fashion, and that means 2 things:



For the next 7 days carry out these steps of putting them into action in your business and see where it takes you…


Twitter has a direct message facility that allows you to send your followers a message after they follow you. Use a system such as Social Oomph to automate that direct message or send it manually if you like, it could read something like this… Or whatever you feel comfortable with, just make sure it prompts people to get in touch. 

Start the ball rolling.


There’s a great (free) service called SWAYY that will allow you to curate content, find out what your potential clients need from you, and then set up the keywords that will bring that content into your account, for example your speciality is Social Media Marketing, so you set up keywords relating to this. You then post sources of content through your social media and use that to reference your services… for example, let’s take a look at this one:

“Facebook unveils tool to target video ads to the people most likely to watch them” - you could post this through your social media via Swayy, but also include a comment, “Contact me for support with your FB video ads! 

Michelle Dale

Check how many clicks it got in the system to find out what’s popular with your followers and which services attract the most attention.


LinkedIn is THE place to be for business connections. Segment your connections into the following:

a – Potential Clients
b – Colleagues
c – Other

Then contact them.

a – For all your potential clients send them a message directly asking if they would like to have a chat with you to discuss how you can improve a certain aspect of their business, or if they need any help with anything. Explain you have a vacancy open for a new client, and they are just the type of person you’d love to work with.

b – For colleagues, contact them and get a feel for if they have a team, or might be looking for a collaborative partner to refer overspill clients to. It’s not uncommon for VA’s to turn clients away, and it would benefit them to say, “I can’t help you, but a colleague of mine could and these are her details.” It’s a win-win for both parties.

c – The others would be great for a survey – so do a little market research, for example send them 3 questions and offer them something in return for their time, maybe a free eBook or report of some sort. The questions I think would be useful include:

Q1) What does the term “Virtual Assistant” mean to you? Please share your thoughts.
Q2) Have you, or would you ever consider hiring a Virtual Assistant?
Q3) Do you know anyone who could benefit from additional business support right now?

If they answer C – you might want to jump in and see if they would be willing to hand that person your details.


Have you ever heard the saying, “Get as many dinners as you can from one chicken”? Well, this basically means taking one thing you have and using it in multiple ways to stretch its overall usage or value.

If you do put together the survey start scheduling it to go out once a day on Twitter for a week, pin it to your Facebook for a week, and anywhere else you can think of too. Try to get as many responses to that survey as possible. 

Use Google forms so it makes it ‘super easy’ to generate a link and have people submit their responses.


Email any and all your contacts, your ex co-workers, your family, your friends, your mailing list, your cat, explaining that you have a vacancy for a client inside your VA practise and you’d like to offer a free consultation to anyone interested in learning how you could improve their business/daily existence. No obligation, just to ping you back a quick email if they or someone they know would be interested in learning more.


Are you a part of VA groups, forums, clubs etc… Have you asked if anyone needs help? So many Virtual Assistants contact me asking me for recommendations of VA’s they could work with to support them in their own business. Essentially, it doesn’t hurt to put out on these groups that you have availability and to contact you for a casual chat to see if you might be a good fit for supporting them in their business. If they have been looking for someone, they may even take it as a sign that you’re the one!


Facebook offer the opportunity to have Facebook tabs, where you can set up a page on your FB account. Why not use that to show your doors are open to new clients? Tell people you’re actively looking for clients to work with. Use a system like Shortstack to create the page, make sure you add a share button on it, and then put on there these details:

a) We’re looking for a new client!
b) This is how you can enquire/ask a question (no obligation).
c) This is where you can read up on what we offer/how we can help you.
d) Feel free to leave a message in our FB message box expressing an interest and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.
e) We look forward to hearing from you!


So there you have it – 7 actions to take over the next 7 days that will greatly improve your chances of attracting a new client. 

If you’re creative I’m sure you can come up with a lot more ideas… How about submitting a press release telling the world specifically about your client vacancy, make a blog post asking people to get in touch if they have been considering hiring a VA or simply would like to learn more about what it’s all about. Create your own 7 day action plans for attracting clients, switching up your activities.

The original post was published first here: 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Share your comments below and add value to thousands of readers.


Michelle DaleMichelle Dale - Michelle is a go-getting, ambitious and experienced Entrepreneur, Online Business Consultant & Manager, Project Coordinator and Virtual Assistant who quit her job to start her own business Virtual Miss Friday, in 2005, at the age of 23. She supports businesses and individuals with achieving their professional goals through the provision of effective, efficient and dynamic business support services. Prior to establishing VMF Ltd, Michelle spent 9 years in a variety of service based businesses, Office Manager, and PA Roles. Bought and sold 5 properties and gained a wealth of business experience. 


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