The “Next Right Thing” Marketing Plan

by Anastasiya Day on August 31, 2014

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The “Next Right Thing” Marketing Plan

By: Diane Cunningham

Overwhelm can kill your business.  I have learned a simple phrase that is well known in the mental health circles and recovery rooms across the globe that fits like a glove for me in my business.  I think it will hit home with you too…..

Just do the next right thing.

It keeps me moving forward, one baby step at a time and gets me out of the frozen fear zone.

What is the “next right thing” for you to do in your business?  Is it that phone call to follow up with a potential client? Is it the newsletter to your list?  Is it working on the sales page for your upcoming event?

What is the “next right thing” for you to do for yourself? Do you need to step away from the computer and go run a few errands? Do you need to call a friend and chat for a few minutes? Do you need to walk around outside and get some fresh air?  Or do you need to call it a day and go to the park?

The next right thing keeps me in action.  I know that my business needs me moving and making decisions.  As a Christian, I know that God calls me to action as well.   I think one of the best marketing plans ever is just three words….. ASK. SEEK. KNOCK.

So my question for you today is what is your NEXT RIGHT THING? Do that. Then do the next right thing.  Rinse and repeat.

You are on your way!

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Diane CunninghamDiane Cunningham is the Founder and President of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She is a “business therapist”, plane crash survivor, author, consultant, speaker, marathon runner, and fun friend. Find out more about NACWE and why 165 women joined in the first year at

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