How To Monitor Your Child Activities Using iPhone Apps

by Anastasiya Day on July 26, 2012


How To Monitor Your Child Activities Using iPhone Apps

By: Anna Miller

Do you have problems monitoring your children due to hectic work schedule? Well, you have an instant solution that could simply kiss away your pain. iPhone monitoring application helps you track the activities of your children effectively even without your presence. You can worry less, when you have extra work after working hours as this excellent spying application performs its entire task accurately without any issues. iPhone application is the ideal thing you need in order to supervise what your kids have been up to. You will be well aware of even smallest of details with regards to your child’s cell phone usage. The features of iPhone applications are simply outstanding and are definitely worth reading through.

Logs of Calls & Text Messages: With the help of iPhone monitoring application, you can conveniently log calls initiated by your children. You can check the call duration and listen to the entire conversation as well. Likewise, you can also track the text messages sent and received by your kids. Full content of text messages can be viewed through this application. This particular feature helps parents to ensure that their children are not indulging themselves in bad habits. 

Track the location of the target cell phone: The iPhone monitoring application tracks the exact location of your child through GPS. This feature helps you to safeguard the safety of your child and also comes in use to locate your missing child. You can easily figure out if your child is trying to defy your curfew by tracking the location to ensure that your child in a place where he or she is supposed to be.

Live Call Surrounding: Using the iPhone monitoring application, you can easily make a spy call. The spy call made cannot be found out by the target cell phone user as the iPhone application works in complete stealth mode. The spy call helps you to listen to the live sounds in the surroundings of the target cell phone. This is one of the best features that may not be available with other spying applications. Through spy call, parents can easily detect the activities performed by their children in their absence.

Easy and quick installation: Installing the iPhone application is very simple. You need an iPhone that is connected to internet. All the updates about the application can be received on your computer as well as your iPhone till the time it’s connected to the internet. So, if you are working at office, it becomes more convenient to understand what is going on at home, and what your children are up to.

Thus, iPhone application is the one of the best tool to track the whereabouts of your child. The intriguing features of iPhone application helps in tracking every detail you need to know about the cell phone activities of your child. In addition to the features mentioned above, there are many other features that help in monitoring your child effectively. Some of the other useful features include call recording, web history, email history, picture & video logging, bookmarking, contact details and so on. All in all, iPhone application relieves your burden about your child’s safety and well being.


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Awesome ideas!

Lisa Carter

Great tip Anastasiya!  So many kids are doing things on-line and completely unmonitored.  This is a great way to keep tabs on your kids.

Sharon O'Day

How far we've come!  When I think back to the kinds of trouble we could have gotten ourselves into, they were nothing compared to how exposed kids are today.  This is great information, Anastasiya!

Dave Derlim

The software you are speaking of is exactly what I need.  However, I cannot find the name of it on your website.  Could you please assist me.

Anastasiya Day

Hi Dave, thank you so much for visiting our website. This post is from our guest blogger, please visit her website: where you will find the name for this software. Have a great day.


Wow, that is wonderful. I love the idea of being more able to find a missing child with new technology.
it would make me feel better as a parent ton know I can keep up with what they are really doing.


What iPhone app are you referring to in your article?

Anastasiya Day

Hi Steve, this post is from our guest blogger, so therefore would be best if you ask her about this app. Just click on the link and you will see a contact form there, where you will be able to ask this question. Thanks for stopping by!


Just wondering with these apps is there a trace on the phone, so will the child know that the app is installed or is it completely silent and hidden?


Very good ideas. Thanks. Maybe this will help also. I ran across an app called Mobile spy and Phone sheriff. I tired mobile spy and I really like it. I think it is a good tool for parents that want to know what their kids are doing like this article suggest.


Parents doing this are being lower than shit in my opinion logging calls listening in on them wtf is your kids running a drug cartel that you have to do this you people are a disgrace you all should be ashamed and I hope the kids find out about the 'hidden app'  you are just monsters


How To Monitor Your Child Activities Using iPhone Apps. Ok, that is want I want to do but, how??

Anastasiya Day

Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by. This is a guest post, so you will need to contact Anna Miller and you can do so by clicking on her link within this post. She will be able to share with you this information. Thank you.

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